2015 Exploring Sustainable Practices

date/time 5 february, thursday
04:00 pm - 04:30 pm registration
05:00 pm - 05:30 pm welcome and introduction to the february dialogues siddhartha, genevieve ancel
05:30 pm - 06:00 pm self introductions & interplay facilitated by prashant olalekar and hazel lobo
06:30 pm - 07:00 pm values & spiritualities for sustainable development genevieve ancel, deborah nunes, naveen vasudevan


date/time 6 february, friday
07:00 am - 08:00 am movement meditation (facilitated by prashant olalekar & hazel lobo)
09:30 am - 10:00 am interplay facilitated by prashant olalekar and hazel lobo
10:00 am - 10:30 am the thrust of the 2015 february dialogues siddhartha
10:30 am - 11:00 am sustainable initiatives in agriculture ardhendu s. chatterjee, chairperson: csp patil
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm education for sustainable development jeevan kumar, chairperson: kenneth d’souza
01:00 pm - 01:30 pm the mandala ceremony and interplay
02:30 pm - 03:30 pm dialogues in small groups: values and spiritualities for sustainable futures (personal experiences and journeys)
04:30 pm - 05:00 pm interplay facilitated by prashant olalekar and hazel lobo
05:00 pm - 05:30 pm zero waste initiatives alex jensen, chairperson: smitha kamath


date/time 7 february, saturday
07:00 am - 08:00 am movement meditation (facilitated by prashant olalekar & hazel lobo)
09:30 am - 10:00 am interplay facilitated by prashant olalekar and hazel lobo
10:00 am - 10:30 am energy alternatives for india priyadarshini karve, chairperson: ashwani vasishth
11:30 am - 12:00 pm challenges / policies for the promotion of millets prakash kammaradi, chairperson: veena pai
12:30 pm - 01:00 pm dialogues in small groups: what do we mean by sustainable alternatives in concrete terms
02:30 pm - 03:30 pm interplay and plenary
04:00 pm - 04:30 pm decentralised, participatory biofuel programme of karnataka y. b. ramakrishna, chairperson: ananda siddhartha
05:30 pm - 06:00 pm sustainable irrigation system for hilly regions jithin krishna
06:00 pm - 06:30 pm interplay facilitated by prashant olalekar and hazel lobo
07:00 pm - 08:00 pm cultural evening classical violin with vasudev murthy


date/time 8 february, sunday
07:00 am - 08:00 am movement meditation (facilitated by prashant olalekar & hazel lobo)
09:30 am - 10:00 am interplay facilitated by prashant olalekar and hazel lobo
10:00 am - 10:30 am organic milk production protocols & integrated farming system gns reddy, chairperson: raajen singh
11:30 am - 12:00 pm dialogues in small groups on themes identified from the previous day’s plenary
02:30 pm - 03:30 pm summing up and reflection on sustainability facilitated by john clammer
03:30 pm - 04:00 pm interplay and conclusion
04:30 pm - 05:00 pm tea and departure





An activist from Himachal Pradesh, active in environmental health/anti-toxins work and passionate about downscaling, bioregionalism, and restoring vernacular values and practices in society.


Works at Pipal Tree on research and development of the Climate South Asia website. Faculty member at the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore. Interested in issues of climate change, wildlife, food security and the environment.


Professor of sustainability planning at Ramapo College of New Jersey and Director of the Master of Arts programme in Sustainability Studies. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses related to Urban Ecology and Regional Sustainability, and regularly teaches a course titled Energy and Society,


Executive Director, Development Research Communication and Services Centre, Kolkata and Trainer in permaculture, eco-farming and community managed forestry/agro-forestry, focusing primarily on poor and marginal households.


Working on sustainable agriculture practices. Formerly served as Professor and Dean of Forestry Colleges in Karnataka and retired as Principal Scientist from University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore.


A Brazilian academic, architect and urban planner. She teaches Social and Solidarity Economics at the University of Salvador, Brazil. She is the organiser of ‘Dialogues en humanite’ in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.


Co-founder and Coordinator of ‘Dialogues en humanite’. Special adviser on change management in Lyon. Formerly, head of the Cabinet of the Minister of the Environment of France and Technical Advisor for sustainable development in the cabinet of Gerard Collomb, Senator Mayor of Lyon.


Managing Director of Akshayakalpa Farms and Foods Pvt. Ltd., an automated dairy farm specialising in organic milk production and distribution. Executive Vice Chairman of BAIF Institute for Rural Development Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.


Interplay facilitator. A practicing counsellor and psychotherapist. She also works with marginalised groups like the indigenous people, abused women, women in sex work and differently abled.


Dean, Faculty of Arts and Member of the Academic Council and Syndicate of Bangalore University. Formerly head of Dr. Ambedkar Study and Research Centre, Centre for Gandhian Studies and Department of Political Science at Bangalore University.


Project Manager of Additional Skill Acquisition programme of Government of Kerala. Prior to this worked with Brizgo Software Solution as Project Manager. B. Tech Gold Medallist.


Programme Development Officer at REAP, an NGO working on literacy and women’s empowerment in the city of Mumbai and the neighbouring district of Thane. Prior to this, a Music Composer, Director and Producer in the Music Industry in Mumbai and owner of Peepal Tree Communications, a multimedia production facility.


Professor in the Institute for Advance Studies in Sustainability at the United Nations University, Tokyo, and Director of the Earth Institute. Working particularly on issues of culture and development, including art, and involved in a project on ‘Sustainable Cultures’.


Co-founder of Ritambhara, a collective of seekers inspired by the path of Yoga. He is associated with Sadhana Forest, a sustainable living community in Auroville. He is also a part of the India Youth Jam team that works towards strengthening youth activism.


Chairperson of Karnataka Agriculture Price Commission. Formerly, head of the Department of Agricultural Economics, UAS, Bangalore.


Founder of Interplay India. A creative spiritual leader. He is also a faculty member at the department of Inter-religious Studies, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Former Director of Pasayadaan Holistic Spirituality Centre, Vasai-India.


Managing Director, Samuchit Enviro Tech Pvt Ltd, a social enterprise that promotes environmentally sustainable energy and lifestyle products. She is currently focusing her work on urban sustainability issues.


An organic farmer and part-time researcher/documentalist with Centre for Education and Development, based in Mumbai.


A writer, social activist and campaigner for Earth Spirituality. Founder of Pipal Tree and Fireflies Ashram, which are concerned with inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogues, media, food sovereignty and environmental issues.


A wildlife and sustainable progress enthusiast. Co-founded ‘Soil and Soul’ that offers programs for schools and communities on sustainable lifestyle and natural living. She has worked with the corporate world to create sustainability practices in ICT industry.


A violinist and animal rights activist, he has a deep passion for Indian Classical Music. He has learnt Hindustani Classical music from various gurus. He has been a Visiting Professor of management related concerns at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.


A software engineer turned into an organic farming enthusiast. Worked earlier with farming community members on conserving agro biodiversity, providing market linkage for farmer produce and promoting organic farming.


Founder President of ‘Samagra Vikas’, an NGO working on environment protection, alternate/renewal energy and rural development. He has served as Chairman of the Karnataka State Task Force on Bio-fuels and Karnataka State Bio fuel Development Board.